"The Hiding Place" by Corrie Ten Boom

My mom always says that The Hiding Place is one of the books she would read if she only read ten books in her life - or something like that. It's at the top of her list and for a good reason. It is truly one of the most amazing stories I have ever known and because it had been years since I'd read it, I wanted to read it again this year. It's a quick read, but a powerful one.

Corrie Ten Boom and her family lived in Holland during WWII and risked their lives to help countless Jews escape the Nazis. Corrie was in her 50's when Germany took over her country, but performed heroic acts that others half her age were often too afraid to perform. She and her sister were sent to prison and a German concentration camp for what they did, but they never gave up on their most powerful and important weapon: Faith.

Corrie is one of my heroes and reading her story again makes me want to visit Holland and the Beje (bay-yay), the Ten Boom home where numerous Jews were hidden. I have always loved reading about WWII and the people who survived its ravages, but I think Corrie and her family perfectly exemplify the Christlike love that had to exist during that terrible time. They sacrificed everything in the name of a loving God. What better service can anyone give to the Lord?

Read it. Now. If you haven't already, The Hiding Place should go to the top of your "Must Read" list immediately!

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