"Dean & Me (A Love Story)" by Jerry Lewis

If I wasn't a fan of Dean Martin and Jerry Lewis before, I definitely am now!

I just discovered that my boss had this book and was totally sucked in by the very first page. It changed my entire view of the comedic duo, but only for the better! There's something about getting to know the people playing characters in a play that makes the act just that much more enjoyable to watch.

Their story is an interesting one and I love the way that Jerry writes - as if he's having a conversation with you and telling you exactly what happened and how he felt about it. It's a very honest, down-to-earth representation of a pretty incredible journey. If you're a fan at all, I'd definitely recommend reading this one. Except for one thing...

There is a lot of swearing in this book. Not surprising coming from an Italian (Dean), a Jew (Jerry), all of New York and Hollywood, the mafia, and everything in between being thrown into the mix. Jerry writes things exactly as they happened - and exactly as they were spoken. If you can't handle reading that kind of language (it's pretty frequent), then you might just want to ask for a more extensive review of this one. But other than that!

Top notch! Five stars! Or at least four and three quarters . . . a quarter off for strong language. I think Jerry would approve!


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