"Shattered Silence" by Melissa G. Moore

Wow. This is a memoir by Melissa G. Moore, the daughter of the notorious Happy Face Killer. She tells the story of her childhood, her experiences of growing up in a tumultuous family and social situation, and the shock and shame of discovering (at the age of 15) that her father was a serial killer.

I read this entire book yesterday. It's on the shelf at work and one of my coworkers had been telling me about it, so I picked it up during some down time yesterday and read here and there throughout my shift. And then decided that I didn't want to stop reading, so I took a copy home with me and couldn't put it down!

I love memoirs so much. They are definitely my favorite because I learn so much from the experiences and life lessons of others. Melissa lived through some extremely terrifying moments in her life, but she has a great lesson to share with the world - one of faith and of standing up to the trials we face. I was so moved by her optimism and her reliance on God even before she realized the role He could play in her life. I truly believe that this women was given her specific set of trials so that she could share her story and help others to overcome the terror in their own lives. I am so thankful that I've never had to live through any of the experiences that Melissa dealt with from a very young age, but I am also very thankful for her story.

If you're interested at all, don't hesitate to read this. The details of Melissa's life are given with tact and as un-graphically as possible. If it was good enough to read in one day, well... there must be something there, right?! I loved it. And I think I'll hug Melissa when I meet her on the other side someday.