"Breaking Dawn" by Stephenie Meyer

Although I was so against reading this book, I finally caved and started this week. Tara had a copy in the car and I finally couldn't resist anymore, despite my dislike for Stephenie Meyer and her horrible (in my opinion) writing style!

And . . . well, I must say (as I've said before) that Meyer has her creativity going for her. Her story is great, her imagination far surpasses anything I could ever come up with. All things vampire and werewolf, and even things human, come into a fascinating light in her books. But . . . and here it comes . . .

I still think she sucks. My overly-critical mind, when it comes to any form of writing, once again pulled through for me. I found only one or two typographical errors the entire 754 pages (at least she has a good editor!), but I also found a couple of spots with GLARING inconsistencies. If you're reading this, and haven't read the book yet, please stop now because I'm not holding back anything for the sake of "review" or anything like that. If you have read it, then please continue.

There is one part in the book, after Bella becomes a vampire (at last!), where she speaks to her father face-to-face for the first time. I was nearly driven mad by that whole confrontation, because Meyer kept dropping in little lines about Bella holding her breath. She's immortal now, and it's already been established that vampires have no need to breathe. She's holding her breath so she doesn't smell her father's blood, which makes perfect sense, but then it says something or other about her oxygen supply running out, so she HAD to take a breath. Oh, come on now! If that's not glaring, I don't know what is. Of course . . . no one else in their right mind would probably even pick up on such a thing, but this is my forte. I can't help it.

I finished the book and am perfectly satisfied with the happy ending. Edward and Bella are together, as it always should have been. I just wish it hadn't taken so long to get to that point. The story seemed to stretch on for eons, without any significant climax. There was just a LOT of deliberating . . . and more deliberating . . . and MORE deliberating . . . on the side of the good guys and the bad guys . . . LAME!

So, anyway. I should stop my ranting. It's true that I'm probably just jealous. A woman with my name and less literary skill (I'm not bragging, it's just how I feel) than I have, is now world famous. Ugh. Don't even compare her to J.K. Rowling or I might puke. J.K. is enormously talented. Meyer has some work to do.

Maybe I should write her a letter . . .